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between & is a tool for teaching and conservation of the collective history that runs online documentaries that tell or staged. From a simple and functional environment, and with the help of chronological axis, you can easily find the information you want about any character, culture or historical period. is an open tool where anyone on the network can learn history or part of the teaching process , adding online documentaries and creating lists of specific content.

Social Object

In Ecrono want the knowledge of the past of our societies help us better understand our current reality. From Ecrono believe in the importance of knowing and understanding human history as a whole, as an inseparable whole our present reality.

Our company name is will boost Universal History in Europe and the world .

Our social action is create the largest library online of audiovisual documents that tell or act out the story.

Our work focuses on:  - Catalog audiovisual documents and place within the time axis of the library .  - Repair content that has been removed from the network .  - Maintain and improve the infrastructure of the web .  - Conduct initiatives for the dissemination of the history and freedom of information .  

Our purpose is disseminate and preserve the history of human societies.

The Cultural Association Ecrono

The Ecrono Cultural Association is a nonprofit organization registered in Barcelona, ​​with tax identification number G66100611.
The entity was created in late 2013 by Elia Barrull, Xavier Rubis, Albert Abadal and Antai Llaquet.
The Association was created with the intention to create and maintain project and expand its projection in the future.

The Board of the "Ecrono Cultural Association" consists of:

President Vicepresident Treasurer Secretary
Elià Barrull Xavier Rubis Marc Malaga Albert Abadal
Elià Barrull Xavier Rubis Marc Malaga Albert Abadal


Download Presentation of Asociación Cultural Ecrono in spanish (pdf file)

Download Presentation of Ecrono project in spanish (pdf file)